In the United States alone, there are 2.5 million weddings each year.  Most spend substantial amounts on imported fresh flowers that travel great lengths to be used for only a few hours.  Majority is then discarded.

So, our mission is simple, we 1) connect local events to one another so they can share centerpieces, save money, and reduce floral consumption/waste and 2) connect local events with patient care facilities so they can plan ahead to donate their flowers.

Our service is available to events around the globe.

Let freedom never perish in your hands.-2


Sharing/Buying/Selling between Events:  Events register their details here.  Once registered, a local map will load, displaying neighboring events that are also interested in selling, buying, or sharing centerpieces.  All events that are shown take place within 3 days of each other.  Users have the ability to contact other events through our site and may log in at any point to view their map as it populates over time.

Donating Flowers to Patient Care Facilities:  Those wanting to receive flowers for their patient care facility must create an account here.  Once registered, care facilities will have access to a local map which displays upcoming events that would like to donate their flowers.  The map populates over time and can be viewed at any point after logging in.  Care facilities will have the ability to contact the events to arrange pickup and delivery.

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How much does Bouquet for a Day charge for this service?

There is no charge to register your events.  Once your map loads, if you see another event that you would  like to contact, there is a charge of $4 USD (or equivalent in your currency) to contact this user.  You may also opt to pay $10 USD to contact unlimited number of users until your event date.

There is no fee for listing or searching donated flowers for patient care facilities.


Where is Bouquet for a Day’s service available?

We connect events around the globe, however, our most populated areas of events are in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Can Bouquet for a Day help us with the selling and buying process?

No.  Our goal is to connect events to one another, as well as to florists, and they take it from there.


What if my event date changes?

We can update your profile with the new date.  Contact us here.


Can I share flowers for a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party?

Yes.  Bouquet for a Day can help find cost-effective flowers for any type of event.


For how much should the event flowers be sold?

Like any marketplace, this is decided by the seller and buyer.

If two events jointly purchase flowers for their events, it is up to them to decide on this together.


Can I sell my DIY flowers or artificial floral arrangements?

No.  Bouquet for a Day is not a marketplace for DIY or artificial flowers.  They must be professionally made, fresh flower arrangements.

Any user violating these terms will have their account disabled.


When should we sign up?

Events should register once they have set a date and venue.


Which flowers can couples sell and buy?

You can sell all your wedding or event flowers.  We do, however, caution you to sell or buy bridal party bouquets as these are handled throughout a wedding day and are out of water, which could cause wilting.


What if I need more or less floral arrangements than what the previous event used?

If you need more flowers, you should contact a florist (preferably the one the previous event used) to purchase more.

If you need less, ask the seller/sharer if they are willing to only sell/share the amount you need.


How and when do we transport the flowers from one venue to another?

This should be arranged ahead of time by the seller, buyer, and venue.  The venue may wish that the flowers are removed shortly after the reception or the following day.


Will my personal information be shared with other users?

The following information will appear for other users to see:  first name, event date, type of event, and flower sharing preferences.  Your location appears as a pin on a zoomed out map.  Email addresses are not displayed.


How do I contact Bouquet for a Day to cancel my account ?

Contact us here.


 I am a florist.  How do I work with Bouquet for a Day events?

Please read details here.